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ONE ON ONE Training

ONE ON ONE Training


Beginner Classic Lash Training

Refresher Training

Triple Threat Course (Classic, Hybrid, Volume)

Volume Training 

Bottom Lash Extensions Training 

Fan Making 101

Ongoing Mentoring Options/Coaching Calls

MUSEskyn training will teach you everything you need to know about the application process. We focus on the theory behind the application, and the application process. We offer ongoing support after you train with us. Our goal is to make you one of the best eyelash extensionist in the field. We not only want your extensions to look good, but to be technically correct and comfortable for the client. Safety is our number one priority as well as maintaining the health of your client's lashes. You must be a patient person and have the willingness to make time to practice. If you don't have a place to practice or have a manager that will push you to take paying clients before your application is acceptable you may want to give us a call first before signing up for our class. Visualizing what is flattering and appropriate to the clients eyes is something MUSEskyn prides itself on in training. Most importantly our goal is for all candidates to want their application to be technically sound before venturing out in the field.

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